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Planning Sub Committee

William Holder


Wiltshire County Councillor  covering the North Wraxall Parish

Cllr Baroness Scott of Bybrook OBE

​Upper Wraxall


Council member

Lesley Barnes

​Upper Wraxall

Council Clerk

Glenys Gill



councillor Will Holder

Neighbourhood watch, Police Contact & Website editor

Scott Williams



Chairman & Planning Sub Committee

Robert Dicks

The Shoe

​Tel: 01225 891559

Wiltshire County Councillor - Jane Scott

Vice Chairman & Planning Sub Committee

Jane King


​Tel: 01249 782 231

councillor scott williams

Council Members

HR Sub Committee

Mike Horrocks-Taylor

​Upper Wraxall

​Tel: 01225 891514

Councillor Mike Horricks-Taylor


Planning Sub Committee & Community Hall Representative

Anne Godwin

​North Wraxall

​Tel: 01225 891237

North Wraxall Parish Council
Clerk - Glenys Gill